Voice of Gaïa

 With their new collaboration “Voice of Gaïa” Fabien Abadi (musician) and Marion Plantey (Choreographer) explore the impact of the environment on our emotions and sensations.

This production explores the emotional impact urban surroundings have on us, and therefore ask the question: “What kind of impact has our environment on our emotions and sensations?”. Five dancers translate those reflections into movement. They evolve together through the confusion of intimate and distanced moments, expressing through their body language the tensions or freedom we can feel by changing spaces. This piece has for aims to mirror the challenges of communication in such an intense society, and the importance of bringing back nature in our cities and everyday life. Fabien Abadi created a unique electro-contemporary music composition, exploring and recording the sounds of life, in the city or 
in the wild. With his unique music, he takes the dancers, as well as the audience, under the influence of those different sounds and energies.

Première: 29-10-2022
Choreography: Marion PLantey
Music: Fabien Abadi
Dancers : Eva Coste, Jeanne Cathala, Léo Poulain, Mélen Cazenave, Thomas Queyrens
PH:Melanny Rodrigues

Body Sound Workshop

A new Approach to Artistic education
Project of Marion Plantey and Max Härtel

Our project is a workshop created for early teenagers, differentiating from classic mimetic teaching methods. We invite the students to follow us during a 90 minutes experience. By starting with sound bathing and meditation (especially thought for young teenagers), we allow them to relax and connect to themselves to forget about basic fears such as: doing wrong, not being good enough, being made fun of, etc.

After those 15 minutes of meditation and breathing exercises, we can incorporate the movement without disturbing their concentration using simple cognitive exercises. By playing with senses such as feeling, seeing, or hearing, the early teenagers stay in a mental space that allow them to explore movement in their personal and intuitive way. The workshop is built so that, at first, we give each child the space and time to find concentration and self-awareness (mostly with exercises focusing on their touch). That step allows subsequently each individual to reconnect with the group and the space in a judgment-free motion (seeing, hearing).

Through a specific immersive experience, children are going back and forth between being creators and receivers, between dance and music.

That way, we hope to give children a first glance at artistic sensitivity and teach them how to work in groups in a kind and self-aware motion, so that they can trust and explore their own path, building confidence and group cohesion.

With the years, and her experience as a choreographer, Marion has developed a unique teaching method for professional dancers, using mainly improvisation and cognitive exercises to reach a full immersive experience. Now, during one of our conversations we realized how helpful it could be to offer that method at an earlier age. 
Indeed, children can become very judgmental of themselves and others, functioning mainly by reproducing behaviors (copying the parents, the teachers, or even their pairs).
It's a difficult age that includes mental, physical, and emotional changes. It also means the beginning of their social status awareness, (ex: popularity, success, etc), and can greatly affect their way of approaching any kind of new experiences , including for example learning Dance or Music.
Reflecting on all of this, we saw in this method the opportunity to give students a more personal way of approaching art while reinforcing group cohesion, and self confidence.

This project revolves entirely around children. They will be the main auteurs of the workshops. We are here to offer them new keys for them to explore the notion of dance and music, but also to investigate their own sensations. Through the entirety of the workshop, the students will be guided through some easy  exercises to explore movement research but will also be invited to join the musical creation. We have made the choice to use very efficient but very accessible instruments. That way any trainee, with or without musical background, can join and enjoy the fact to be directly in the position of the creators, offering his sound to the other students dancing.

If you want to learn more specific about our method don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

About Max Härtel

Max Härtel (*1990) is a freelance musician and music teacher. After a voluntary social year at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory in Frankfurt am Main, he initially studied digital media with a focus on sound at the media campus of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Dieburg (Bachelor of Arts). He then decided to study artistic-pedagogical music at the Mainz University of Music with a major in jazz saxophone and a minor in jazz guitar (Bachelor of Music). For more than 10 years, he has been teaching individual students as well as groups at various educational institutions and music schools as well as in various workshops.

As a saxophonist and guitarist, he appears in various bands and musical projects in the Rhine-Main area.


28 of March 2022

Where: La Teste de Buch, France

When: 28 March 2022

Deadline for applications: 14 March 2022 – Midnight

For the new edition of the festival “Mouvement D’Arts” the city of La Teste de Buch is seeking 3 contemporary dancers to join the creation residency of the choreographer Marion Plantey and the musician Fabien Abadi and to participate in the closure show of the festival Saturday 29 of October 2022.
For the second edition of its festival, the town of La Teste de Buche has decided to focus its attention on three major arts: sculpture, music and dance.
The theme of this year’s festival: “The integration of nature in the urban environment through art”.
Driven by their respective work, choreographer Marion Plantey and musician Fabien Abadi combine their personalities, visions, and skills to share a lively interpretation of the different sculptures created during the festival.
Having previously collaborated in the first version of the festival as emerging artists, the two creators use a strong connection already established to explore the theme and implement perfect osmosis between music, dance, and sculpture.

FESTIVAL DATES: Saturday 15 of October to Sunday 30th of October 2022

First residency: Monday 25th of July to Wednesday 31 of August 2022
Second residency: Saturday 29 of October to Saturday 29 of October 2022
CLOSURE SHOW: Saturday 29 of October 2022 - 9 pm at Théâtre Cravey.


Contemporary dancer with a strong technical base, comfortable in improvisation work (including on stage), available for the ENTIRE period of residency.

Dancers coming from other dance backgrounds are welcome to apply as long as they are comfortable with contemporary work and willing to work in a crossing styles method.

Basic knowledge of French is mandatory.

Experience is appreciated but not obligatory.
This is a paid opportunity: 1500e.

*We will privilege applications from dancers from the region since this is an event organized by the commune of La Teste de Buch.

To apply, please apply IN FRENCH to [email protected] AND [email protected], sending the following elements:

– Your CV (with portrait picture)
– A short improvisation footage and/or solo footage (max 2min30) showing your movement identity
– A short text introducing yourself (a few lines are enough)

Contact details: If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact the festival team at [email protected] or the choreographer directly at [email protected]