Marion (*1997) is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She works regularly at the Oper Frankfurt and develops her avant-gardist project in other scenes around Europe. Graduating in 2019 from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance, she continued developing her love for creation and performance while working in Germany, Mexico, and France. After forming her company at the age of 20 years old and bringing her productions to several theaters in Germany and France, she keeps reaching toward different unexpected collaborations, looking for new ways to make contemporary art and societal reflections more accessible. 

Today she shares her unique vision of movement exploration during workshops, master classes, auditions, and during her creative processes. With an open mind, she decided to try and bring a new perspective on contemporary dance, working closely with different musicians, painters, engineers, or any human arising her curiosity and inspiring her.

As a choreographer, she approaches her work with a focus on body contact exploration and embraces improvisation as a key element. She tailors her choreography to the unique qualities and personalities of the dancers in her team, paying careful attention to their individual strengths. She is particularly fascinated by the deconstruction of movement itself, taking classical dance movements like arabesque, pirouette, and grand pliƩ, and transforming them into new and unexpected physical expressions. By pushing the boundaries of movement, she creates a dynamic and surprising experience for both the audience and the dancers, regardless of their contemporary or urban dance backgrounds.